Hi, I'm David.

Learn more about me and how I approach my clients, my work and business.

I’m a Developer with a Designer Past

Since 2010, I’ve been creating high-performing custom WordPress themes for agencies and growth-driving websites for small to medium-sized businesses. I graduated from the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and now live in Santa Cruz, CA with my wife and espresso machine. I still visit the Orange County area often, where I was previously based.

A Quick Snapshot

As a long-term professional consultant, I do this full-time and break the mold of the non-responsive freelancer. I pride myself on reliability and the long-term client relationships I've cultivated over the years.

Some Freelancers
  • No transparency, possible outsourcing
  • Response-time is too lengthy
  • Does the bare minimum asked
  • Disappears during or after projects
  • Code errors or design imperfections
My Commitment
  • Transparent process and billing
  • Communicate with speed & clarity
  • Add value as a strategic partner
  • Cultivate long-term client relationships
  • Provide detail-oriented development & design

My Mantras

These are the core values I hold myself to in work (and in life).

Fast, Cheap, Good

You only get to pick two — and good is non-negotiable. Anything else is rolling the dice.


I step away from the desk often to do what I love (for me - piano, coffee and being active).

Never Compromise Quality

My integrity, reputation and work ethic are what I based my entire business on.

Speak Your Truth

Clear, honest communication makes for better work and happier clients.

Activity Feed

Here are some recent thoughts on WordPress development and other insights on freelancing.


I provide high-quality custom WordPress development for agencies and full websites for small and medium-sized businesses.