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Custom development for the Easy Digital Downloads plugin ecosystem.

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Good out of the box — even better for developers.

I’m not alone in saying that Easy Digital Downloads is without question the most developer-friendly ecommerce ecosystem out there. Pippin Williamson and his team are renown for their clean codebase, accessbile documentation, and customizeable hooks and filters that let developers extend their plugins with ease.

Customize EDD to fit business needs

As a client, this means you can rely on Easy Digital Downloads to be extended in a way the fits your business needs. It also means it is stable enough that it can be relied upon to hold up over time.

How I can help with your Easy Digital Downloads project

As a freelance Easy Digital Downloads developer I have years of experience customizing EDD, extending its functionality into complex, custom integrations.


  • Custom API Integration

    Integrate data from Easy Digital Downloads into the API of your choice. From email automation to CRM integrations, syncing sales and customer data with external apps can be a powerful way to increase conversions and stay up-do-date with how your customers interact with your online store.

  • Customized User Experience

    Your EDD installation can be customized from a visual and UX perspective to create the experience you want for your customers. Customizations can be as simple as matching EDD product and checkout screens to match your website’s UI, or as complex as creating a custom registration and checkout process for a specialized product.

  • Custom Functionality

    EDD is a great platform for creating powerful custom functionality because of its developer-friendly, extendible code. Possibilities to explore include ways to cut down on administrative tasks, or creating custom integrations with other plugins or existing functionality such as events or online courses.

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